What is Society’s Backend?

Simply put, Society’s Backend is a community to help anyone understand machine learning and the impact it has on them. Machine learning will undoubtedly impact everyone’s life as it becomes the default way society uses technology to solve complex problems. Yet, there are many misconceptions about machine learning and a severe lack of explaining the whys related to it. I explain the whys of machine learning plainly using science—no clickbait and no fearmongering.

I draw upon my experience as a machine learning engineer at Google to clarify machine learning for you through two articles each week:

  1. A topical article to help you understand an important machine learning concept. These fill in the details on why machine learning is important to you and will help you understanding, use, and build with ML.

  2. A summary of the top 10 most important ML updates and resources of the past week. These keep you informed and help you understand why advancements are important.

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Machine learning engineer at Google, father of 5, and serial optimizer. I build large-scale, effective machine learning systems and write about them to help others understand them.